Their is no need to tell that this year has been the most successfull year for Virat Kohli in all the formats,but especially in tests as India is number 1 in test cricket right now,just because of the captaincy of aggressive player Virat Kohli who played outstanding in the past four tests and is set to blast another innings in the last test which will be at Chennai.But did you ever wondered how Virat kohli becamse so much succesfull in test cricket both as a captain and a bastman.Virat Kohli opened his secret of success after interview with Star Sports correspondants after winning the fourth Test.

He said in the interview that this all is happening because of that one advice given by the ‘God of Cricket’ Mr Sachin Tendulkar.As we all know that Sachin is the most experienced test player in the country and no one can give a better advice than Mr. Sachin to the Indian Test Skipper Virat Kohli.Here’s what Virat said in the interview after math winning performance:-

“The best advice was not to read or look up things that were being said about me. I’m not joking or trying to be sarcastic. That was the best advice I got,That was one thing that kept pulling me back as far as Test cricket is concerned.Being captain took my mind more off those things because I had absolutely no time to read up or hear what people had to say about me.“It was all about thinking about what the team has to do and that has helped me immensely to stay focused on what I have to do on the field,” the Test skipper said.

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