Whenever we talk about boundaries,first thing which comes to our mind is ‘SIXErS’,but no,boundaries are also very important.Sixes shows the destructiveness of a batsman while boundaries show the class of the batsman.So here’s the list of TOP 8 Batsman with most no. of boundaries(minimum 1000 boundries):-

7)Sourav Ganguly(1122 fours)

Former Indian Capter Sourav Ganguly,betterly known as the “God of Off Side” holds the seventh position in this list.Whenever Sourav used to be in destructive mood,he always used to struck big boundaries no matter who is the bowler.

6)Virendra Sehwag(1132 fours)

Well,he needs no introduction.All the Viru fans know what Viru does on the first ball of the innings,RIGHT?Virendra Sehwag in his whole career had made a devastating image in all bowler’s mind.Doesn’t matter what is the format of the game ,when Virendra Sehwag hits the ball.It alway crosses the ropes.

5)Adam Gilchrist(1231 fours)

Former Australian Captain and destructive opener Adam Gilchrist holds the fifth position in this list.He used to make fun of the bowler by hitting four-four boundaries in a over!Adam Gilchrist in his whole career never changed his batting style,that made him really special!

4)Ricky Ponting(1231 fours)

Ricky Ponting,who is considered as the best performer from Australia after the legendary batsman Don Bradman holds the fourth spot in this list.He strucked 18 fours in 145 run innings v/s Zimbabwe in 1998.His pull shot was considered as one of the most attractive shots in cricket history.

3)Kumar Sangakkara(1385 fours)

Sri Lanka’s match saver and legendary batsman Kumar Sangakkara is the second runner up in this list!In this whole list,Sangakkara is the ony player who used to play in the midde order.LEGEND for a reason.

2)Sanath Jayasuriya(1500 fours)

Popularly known as RUN-MACHINE Former Sri Lankan Batsman Jayasuriya holds the second spot in this list.Popularly known for his destructive gameplay,Jayasuriya strucked 24 fours in his massive 157 run innings vs Netherlands in 2016.

1)Sachin Tendulkar(2016 fours)

As you all expected,the ‘GOD OF CRICKET’ and one of the greatest batsmen in the Indian Cricket history Sachin Tendulkar bagged the first position in this list.Well,their is no specified innings of Sachin in which he hitted maximum fours,as he used to play the same in every match.Well,Sachin is 516 fours away from the second spot hoder Jayasuriya,and as we may think his record of 2016 fours can not be broken in the future.