In Odi’s,centuries is the most important and crucial performance.Their is no need to tell that how difficult is it to score a century in a 50 over format.Here’s the list of ‘Most Centuries from cricketers representing their country in ODI’s’.
8))New Zealand

As New Zealand played their first ODI in 1972,it is not surprising to see them at the end of this list.New Zealand have played 708 ODI’s so far,in which the kiwis scored 111 centuries.Nathan Laston and Ross Taylor holds the record for most centuries in ODI’s from New Zealand.Both of them have scored joint most 16 centuries.

7))England (140 centuries)

In the matter of scoring most centuries in ODIs the ‘Inventor of Cricket’are at the sixth spot.They have played 677 ODIs so far and the Englishmans have scored 140 joint centuries in ODIs till now.Well,they obviously performed better than New Zealand in all aspects,that’s why they are at the seventh spot in this list.

6))West Indies(160 centuries)

Undoubtedly,West Indies was one of the most strongest cricket team in 70’s and 80’s.Some of the great legends have taken birth in the West Indian soil.In today’s cricket world West Indies holds a special place in every cricket lover’s heart.They have scored 160 ODI Centuries till now and they hold the sixth spot in this list.

5)Sri Lanka(161 centuries)

Well,Sri Lankan’s are just 1 century ahead of West Indies in this list.Sri Lanka made their ODI debut in 1975.Sanath,Sangakara and Dilshan are the top 3 most centuries maker in the team with 28.25 and 22 tons respectively.

4)South Africa(163 centuries)

South Africans are just 2 centuries ahead from Sri Lankans.South Africa made thir controversia ODI Debut in 1991 and they have played 564 ODIs till now.South Africa’s trio of De Villiers,Du Plesis and Amla is considered as the most destructive trio in the present cricket world.South Africa have performed exceptionally well in all the eras of their journey

3)Pakistan(178 centuries)

With 178 centuries ,Pakistan who made thir ODI debut in 1973 are at the third spot in this list.They have played 877 ODIs so far and have achieved many records till now.

2)Australia(198 centuries)

Well,many of you have guessed that who holds the first rank in this list.Kangaroo’s made their debut in 1971 and they have payed second most 888 ODIs till now.Ponting holds the record for most centuries from Australian side by scoring massive 29 ODI tons.

1)India(241 centuries)

So,all the Indian readers it’s time to get happy!India have bagged the first rank in this list.India have played 904 ODIs till now.Their is no need to tell that why India is at the first spot here as Sachin Tendulkar holds the record for most centuries in ODIs(49 centuries).But wait,can Virat Kohli break Sachin’s record.That’s te big question!

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