Well,it’s been a long rumour that their is something going wrong between Indian ODI Captain Ms Dhoni and outgoing cricketer Gautam Gambir.Many people believe that this is because of Dhoni’s lack of friendship with Gambhir and because of that MS Dhoni is the biggest reason of Gautam Gambhir ouster from Indain Cricket Team.

Gautam Gambhir,who recently was live on facebook for the first time,he opened the bunch of questions and asked his fans to ask whatever they wanted to ask.Their is no need to tell that what the majority of people would have asked,”When you are going to comeback?”.Gambir also replied that in a very good way that things are on the selectors.But some people asked between his relationship with MS Dhoni which does not looks good from a fan’s point of view.Here’s what Gambhir replied to his fans about his rivary with MS Dhoni:-

“There’s no rivalry between me and Dhoni. I feel whenever we’ve played for India, irrespective of the differences of opinions we’ve had, the ultimate aim to make the country proud and try and make our country win. 

Till the time your goal is to make your country, I don’t think there will ever be any differences. I think he’s a fantastic player, a fantastic human being. We’ve had our best moments of our life together, whether it’s winning the World T20 in 2007 or the World Cup in 2011, being No 1 Test side in the world.”

This statement by Gambhir will surely make some controversy and some good news in the Indian cricket world.But we have to admit that they both were major reasons behind the EC wins.Let’s see what others react to this statement.What are your views on this statement?DO letus know in the comment section below.