Well,James Anderson would have never thought that his one statement could create so much controversy in all over the world.Anderson stated that nothing has changed in Virat’s technique and he will face problem and struggle against swing bowling outside India.In July 2014,Anderson dismissed Virat Kohli many times and Virat Kohli also had  a disappointing tour as he dcored 189 runs in 4 test matches with a very bad average.But this scenario was 2 years old,till now Virat has worked a lot and had deveoped him as the topmost batsman in all the formats as he have an average above 50 in all the formats.

We all have seen to the reply which Virat Kohli gave to Anderson after winning the fourth test and sealing the series on their side.But recently in an interview,Virat Kohli’s coach Rajkumar Shamra  has to say something about James Anderson on his comment,here’s what he said:-

“Just wanted to remind Anderson that Virat has five Test hundreds in Australia which produces the fastest pitches,” Rajkumar Sharma told in an interview.This is a childish statement from Anderson. What has he done in the matches that he has played? He is also not getting wickets in India. He may be a good pacer but he has to also take wickets in India. Taking wickets in England can’t be a parameter to term someone great”Said Rajkumar Sharma.

So what you have to say about this interview,did Rajkumar Sharma said right.Do let us know your opinions in the comment section below.