Finally,Yograj Singh,father of well known cricketer Yuvraj Singh recently in an interview revealed the reason that why he didn’t attended any of the wedding functions of his son Yuvraj.Infact,Yograj Singh didn’t made any public appearance during his wedding.

Some days before the wedding Yograj Singh in an interview said that he will not attend the wedding because of involvent of a religious guru.Well it was a shocking news at that time that father of a well known cricketer will not attend his son’s wedding just because of this reasons and social media also reacted badly to this news.Probably a year ago,Yugraj Singh made enough controversy with his statement on MS Dhoni in which he said that Dhoni is the main reason behind Yuvraj’s ouster of the Indian Cricket Team.

This is what Yograj Singh said in the interview when asked about his disappearance in Yuvraj’s wedding:

“I am surprised to see that literate people are running after these saints who look after deras. I should not speak of others, as my own family is involved in it. I taught Yuvraj how to play cricket for 16 years. He hasn’t ever given me a kurta and he has given several cars in the dera.I want to ask whether the baba has taught him how to play cricket? Did he cure his cancer? Yuvraj says he has been able to get back to playing because of his blessings”Said Yograj Singh in interview with Dainik Bhaskar.

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